Why ContentBox?

Out of the box diversity included!

Integrated and customizable permission-role based security
  • Auto update capabilities
  • Integrated and customizable permission-role based security
  • Customizable security firewall
  • Content version control with commit change logs, rollback and diff views
  • Content and Data Cache Managers with Reports
  • Publishing and expiration content systems
  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Ability to import data from other CMS systems
  • Extensive comment moderation rules
  • Media manager with detailed permission controls
  • Ability to backup your system
  • Ability to put the site in maintenance mode
  • Ability to enable rate-limiting and login attack vectors
Modular MVC Architecture
  • Modular MVC Architecture
  • Extend via event-driven programming with over 100 different events
  • Dependency injection and AOP foundations
  • Create custom content types
  • Pluggable custom security mechanisms
  • Create reusable content widgets
  • Extend the administrator, editors and even the UI via ContentBox modules
  • API for integration with other modules or even applications
  • Menu system API for extending the administrator UI
  • Integrated API documentation
  • Online web code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Ability to build and integrate applications thanks to the ColdBox Platform core
create beautiful websites
  • Layout manager for easy style switching
  • HTML5 based
  • CSS3 goodness
  • jQuery enabled
  • Choose from ready-made layouts or design your own theme
  • Ability to provide UI settings for any custom layout themes
  • Tons of template hooks for applying your styles dynamically
  • Ability to apply mobile layouts to content objects
  • Layout and content inheritance
  • Ability to easily view and code widgets in the editors
  • Ability to add custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript globally
  • WYSIWYG Editor with media content management
  • Real live editor previews
Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers

Ortus Solutions

  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Open source and commercial versions available
  • Ability to apply rate-limiting
  • Ability to apply login tracker and auth logs
  • Deployable to any Java enabled server
  • Easily deploy on a cluster of servers
  • View our Capability Statement

Professional Open Source

  • Training
  • Content Migrations
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Support & Mentoring
  • Architecture & Design Sessions
  • Custom Module/Theme Development