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Why ContentBox?

Out of the box diversity included!

Integrated and customizable permission-role based security
  • Auto update capabilities
  • Integrated and customizable permission-role based security
  • Customizable security firewall
  • Content version control with commit change logs, rollback and diff views
  • Content and Data Cache Managers with Reports
  • Publishing and expiration content systems
  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Ability to import data from other CMS systems
  • Extensive comment moderation rules
  • Media manager with detailed permission controls
  • Ability to backup your system
  • Ability to put the site in maintenance mode
  • Ability to enable rate-limiting and login attack vectors
Modular MVC Architecture
  • Modular MVC Architecture
  • Extend via event-driven programming with over 100 different events
  • Dependency injection and AOP foundations
  • Create custom content types
  • Pluggable custom security mechanisms
  • Create reusable content widgets
  • Extend the administrator, editors and even the UI via ContentBox modules
  • API for integration with other modules or even applications
  • Menu system API for extending the administrator UI
  • Integrated API documentation
  • Online web code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Ability to build and integrate applications thanks to the ColdBox Platform core
create beautiful websites
  • Layout manager for easy style switching
  • HTML5 based
  • CSS3 goodness
  • jQuery enabled
  • Choose from ready-made layouts or design your own theme
  • Ability to provide UI settings for any custom layout themes
  • Tons of template hooks for applying your styles dynamically
  • Ability to apply mobile layouts to content objects
  • Layout and content inheritance
  • Ability to easily view and code widgets in the editors
  • Ability to add custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript globally
  • WYSIWYG Editor with media content management
  • Real live editor previews
Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers

Ortus Solutions

  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Open source and commercial versions available
  • Ability to apply rate-limiting
  • Ability to apply login tracker and auth logs
  • Deployable to any Java enabled server
  • Easily deploy on a cluster of servers
  • View our Capability Statement

Professional Open Source

  • Training
  • Content Migrations
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Support & Mentoring
  • Architecture & Design Sessions
  • Custom Module/Theme Development

We Love Documentation

Getting started with ContentBox is as easy as reading our Getting Started Guide.

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open source

Professional Open Source

Perfect for any project size, from small to enterprise.

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Commercial Edition

Includes Professional Support and tiered SLA packages that can be adjusted to your needs. For more information, please contact us.

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Do you need more than the code? We offer the following to help you:

Trusted By Industry Leaders World-Wide

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Federal Aviation
Yard Stick
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Herff Jones
IDG Media Group
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
Adobe Systems
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Energy


Without the Bloat! Get your content online fast!

Modular CMS

  • Based on a proven MVC Modular Architecture using the ColdBox Platform
  • Hot Reload/Install/Uninstall Modules
  • Built-in dependency injection, ORM extensions, caching and much more
  • AB Testing Capabilities
  • Segregated Deployments
  • No longer unmaintainable monolithic applications
fadding a file and inserting in text

Smart Editing

  • Edit in any markup language: HTML, Markdown, etc and in any editor of your choice
  • Responsive live previews
  • Media manager integration with image tools and drag & drop uploads
  • Expiration and Publishing Schedules
  • Live Draft Testing
  • Auto save capabilities

More than page! Content Store

  • Hierarchical content storage
  • Customizable content metadata
  • Can power mobile devices, localization, etc.
  • Expiration and Publishing Schedules
  • Easily exposed as RESTFul services
content store admin
RESTFul JSON Content Format

RESTFul Content Formats

  • ContentBox renders content not only as HTML, but JSON, XML, PDF, and even Word with no coding necessary
  • Power Mobile Apps: iOS/Android
  • Consume from any technology: Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS

Command Line Tooling

  • We are developer friendly!
  • Start ad-hoc ContentBox servers on any directory
  • Install/Uninstall modules, themes, widgets and much more
  • Extend with your own commands

CommandBox to install ContentBox


Segregated Admin Deployment

Security Tools

  • Segregated Admin Deployment: Deploy your admin module to other servers if needed
  • SSL Enforcements
  • Customizable Roles + Permissions Schema
  • Password Policy + Encryptions
  • Rate Limiting
  • Login Audits
  • Account Lockout Policies

Themes + Modules = ForgeBox

ForgeBox is a software repository and directory for usage with CommandBox, which is a CFML Package Manager, CLI, and REPL tool. ContentBox themes, widgets, and modules can be downloaded or directly installed from here. Here are just some of the available packages.

  • Themes
    • Ortus Open Theme
      Ortus Open Theme
    • Ortus Sections Theme
      Ortus Sections Theme
    • Ortus Rico Theme
      Ortus Rico Theme
    • Go to ForgeBox to see more ContentBox themes
      See More
  • Widgets
    • ContentBox FormBuilder
      ContentBox FormBuilder
    • File Listing
      File Listing
    • TweetFeed
    • Go to ForgeBox to see more ContentBox widgets
      See More
  • ContentBox Modules
    • cbSitemap
    • cbMortgage
    • Blog Ping
      Blog Ping
    • Go to ForgeBox to see more ContentBox modules
      See More
  • ColdBox Modules
    • ColdBox ReCaptcha
      ColdBox ReCaptcha
    • String Similarity
      String Similarity
    • ColdBox Markdown
      ColdBox Markdown
    • Go to ForgeBox to see more ColdBox Modules
      See More